Silk Filled Pillows

We were surprised and delighted to receive our first shipment of silk filled pillows. These pillows are covered with white charmeuse silk and filled with layers and layers of pure silk filling. Because silk is a natural fiber, they are hypoallergenic and work well for those with allergies.

We have tested them here and we love the way they feel next to our skin. Maybe it is as the Chinese believe: that silk contains many amino acids which are beneficial to the skin.

The pillows are cool and soft and provide just the right amount of support. If you like a pillow that is soft, cuddly, easy to shape, and very nurturing, this is the pillow for you. We don't think you have ever experienced sleeping on a pillow like this. As we hear all the time “there is something magical about silk.”

Size: Standard, 20” x 26” with a 4” loft
Weight: 1.6 lbs.

Product Details: (sku:PLS800)

$ 136.00



Size: Boudoir, 12” X 16” with a 4” loft - This makes a totally luxurious travel pillow!
Weight: 0.4 lbs.

Product Details: (sku:PLB900)

$ 58.00



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